Too Foreign For Home Podcast: Expert Expats  Featuring Mike Dynamo

Me?! An expert? Aww Jonathan, you shouldn’t have!

There’s something so amazing about podcasting with friends. After years abroad, Jonathan Fuentes and I both happen to return to our hard living in the US of A. Too Foreign For Home is Jonathan’s weekly podcast where he takes on a diverse aspect of living in worlds and cultures different from your own. Each week, he shares the most interesting things he’s learned along the way, and most recently he’s started bringing on expat guests!

This week, he brings on the brilliant Mike Dynamo (Me, baby!) to cover everything we’ve each picked up on our expat paths. We go on about the surprises that end up guiding us, the difficulty in learning the language of your new home, and even a little history lesson about Native American feeder of white people, Squanto, and the “reverse Amistad” that ultimately helped the Pilgrims wind up not eating each other. This was a common refrain for the OG British expats in the new world after all, and probably why Thomas Hobbes called life outside society “nasty, brutish, and short” 30 years later. Every traveler doesn’t get a Squanto, but you can have your own with this podcast right here.

‎Too Foreign For Home: Expert Expats: Mike Dynamo, Part 1 on Apple Podcasts
‎Show Too Foreign For Home, Ep Expert Expats: Mike Dynamo, Part 1 - Jul 6, 2021

I first met Jonathan when he was living in Cambodia two years ago, before they picked up and moved to Hungary. Up next he’s headed to Casablanca, so his expat cred is the realest of real. He never talked much about his time in Asgard, but I guess we'll have to keep listening to hear those stories.

Back in Cambo, he’d come through with his family on Wednesday nights to play a little Dynamotrivia at Lazy Gecko, a pub quiz hosted by myself and my partner Doctor Mitsy. We’d create ridiculous rounds like the “You Oughta Know Round” “Hip Hop Group or Gang,” and the greatest trivia round ever conceived, “The Shatner Round.” Playing with us made all the teachers realize how much they still needed to learn. The world is weird and hilarious and we embrace it.

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‎Show Too Foreign For Home, Ep Expert Expats: Mike Dynamo, Part 2 - Jul 13, 2021

So do yourself a favor and give the Too Foreign For Home podcast a listen. If you’ve ever thought about traveling the world, playing music, and sucking the marrow out of life, let Jonathan and Mike take you on a little journey to everywhere and back again! It’s a whole lot of fun with two fun guys being too fun… Y’know… for fun!

Ultimately, I would say that being too foreign for home is not exactly a bad thing. Going home may be hard, but the magic you bring with you can make some grand changes in your life. So give the podcast a listen. You will most definitely learn something, because you are rocking with the experts.

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