Funan Beat Empire Presents: Retrofuturism: The dark industrial hip hop album to explain our era

Funan Beat Empire has finally released our album, Retrofuturism. With years of work from Pierre, Adrian, Initial G, and myself Mike Dynamo, we stretched the beats into a cyberpunk tapestry for ears and souls the whole wide world over. As Adrian once said, “its the sound of the apocalypse.”

"Black jackets. New funk. Afropunk. We’ll never be owned. New order. Cyberthump…" - Funan Beat Empire

One element all four of us understand is that an apocalypse is a slow grind of a thing. Civilizations don’t just end overnight. You’ll still need to find a way to get your antidepressants even when you’re trapped behind a barricade keeping you away from all of the drugs on more moneyed side. If you dare to try and sneak in, the best outcome is humiliation. The worst outcome that you won’t those anti depressants anymore; that is of course, “unless you have the credits to afford the prosthetics.”

Welcome to Megacity

What started as a work-for-hire of sorts for the production that is Pierre and Adrian quickly began to solidify as we finished more of the songs. As they unleashed beat after punishing beat on us, it wasn’t hard for G and I to push ourselves for to get the dark and reflective lyrical mode of the times we are headed towards.

The music has a futuristic sound despite its DNA being made of a variety of older, Cambodian sounds. It was a nice change to dismantle the fun, party vibes for something a lot more heady, dangerous, and clairvoyant for the rhymes to match the beat. G and I really challenged ourselves with the creating stories and playing different roles like on Candyman and Collission . We have even published the lyrics so that people can better understand what we put out. Perhaps there’s even more beyond the intended for you to find in all the things we didn’t get to say. You tell us.

The Prospect of Peace

Now, it’s a matter of getting these nine tracks into as many heads as possible. For now, you can find Retrofuturism on Bandcamp. We want to know what think about what we made, especially if you hate it. While we may be cloaked in the visage of ancient empire, this music strives to be something different from the world that got us here. Beat after beat and line after line, we believe people still need new music. People still need cohesive albums and art that that is chosen on purpose. That is Funan Beat Empire.

We made an album.

We made something that will survive us no matter what happens next.

“Remember there’s more of us... and less of you!” - Funan Beat Empire

The more things change the more we change with them. While we haven’t reached our full retrofuturist dystopia yet, the toxic systems we live under will continue to atomize us further until we have no choice but to accept the truth: We need each other to make change. We need it bad enough to talk to our neighbors. We need it bad enough to envision a better reality. We need it bad enough to be different from who we were before. Because who we were hasn’t worked.

Perhaps it is our responsibility to fix what we didn’t cause but still benefit from. Maybe it is our place to give up something to make the lives better for others. Maybe it’s already too late to save the planet from the beings she let them live atop her.

"Can humanity survive like this? Can humanity survive the blitz?" - Funan Beat Empire

Sometimes It’s hard to know what exactly needs to change, but for now... the Funan Beat Empire have added to the soundtrack of humanity’s most fearful thoughts… All the way from the Dark Tower to the Desert of the Real.

Michael Bridgett

Michael Bridgett

Michael Bridgett is an event host, songwriter, and actor that writes about this very wide world of ours. He also releases music as “Mike Dynamo” for Hypnotic Fist Technique, Funan Beat Empire and more
Tallinn, Estonia