The Legend of Mike Dynamo

I also write and perform music under the name Mike Dynamo. As the genre-agnostic type, I've worked with many friends and bands the world over on everything from hip hop to ska to that weird soul and punk.

Below are some tracks and records you can enjoy right now in the order of newest to oldest.

Funan Beat Empire presents Retrofuturism

Funan Beat Empire along made an album called Retrofuturism and it is the best sound of humanity's worst days yet to happen. Released in April 2021, we thought it would be fun to drop it in a Cambodian pandemic.

It's the sound of the apocalypse.

Hypnotic Fist Technique presents Golden Age the Sequel

Live-action hip hop with a kung fu twist, HFT released this record after a long winter of recording back in 2017. It's rap, it's rock, it's a full band making something once in a lifetime.

Mike Dynamo X Dubberman presents Black Asgardians

In 2016, I got to make a record with French producer Dubberman. It's trap music for escape artists and one of the most personal things I've done. It's good no one knows me that well.

Benny Versus The Beast - Benny Goes All out

It's impossible to live in Austin without being in a band! Benny Versus the Beast is a ska band that played the most shows and had the most fun. It was easy when there were 7 to 8 of us in the band. This compiles both of our EPs over 8ish years we played together before 2015. Check it out.