Mike Dynamo: Musical Visuals

This is a page to showcase various musical performances of which I've been a shimmering, majestic piece.

Luthor by Initial Dynamo

The Corona!!! Music Video

Early on in the pandemic, a few of us decided to write a song and shoot a hilarious video to go along with it.

The 99 Boyz

We play songs from before 1999 (more like 2005). Here's a look at an Instagram collection of live performances of covers and mash-ups.


We Love You Too - @the.99.boyz
See Instagram ‘We Love You Too’ highlights from The 99 Boyz (@the.99.boyz)

Hypnotic Fist Technique

Live action hip hop band based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Complete with two emcees and a live band, we made some incredible noise out in Asia until the pandemic forced many of us make our way back home.  

Live Album Release 2018:

Benny Versus The Beast

A ska band from Austin I fronted back in the 2010s that was known for explosive, and very fun shows. It's the horns that do it.

Rebel Rebel Cover:

Bad Ass Hombre:

Additional Media