Poems… About Packing

Sometimes the only way to say what’s on your mind… is through rhyme...

A Haiku… About Packing

Is all of this mine?
Can’t believe I have so much
Oh lawd this won’t fit

A Sonnet… About Packing

Though the days run long my things collect
A chariot of air awaits loads light
Can my entire past be of single effect
Or shall musty clothes remain for lover’s delight
O’ the pressures of impossible choice
So much manly beauty in fits soon forgotten
How I jest with fake hair to deliver such moist
As hits bang from Boyz to sway Lord Akhenaten
Life grows ever heavy as places are taken
Drip sweat upon brows too high for work
My countenance breaks amid new Empire
Though I know not how it still makes asses twerk
My kingdom for bags with infinite storage
To drop from on high to like Dave Matthew’s toilet

A Limerick… about Packing

I have many more things than I thought

Like all of the booze that we drunk

I sold half my load

Threw up on my chode

Then burned all my clothes in a lot
Michael Bridgett

Michael Bridgett

Michael Bridgett is an event host, songwriter, and actor that writes about this very wide world of ours. He also releases music as “Mike Dynamo” for Hypnotic Fist Technique, Funan Beat Empire and more
Tallinn, Estonia