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Childhood Politics and the Bully Pulpit of Captain America
Photo by Limor Zellermayer on UnsplashI was the type of kid who believed everybody could get along. I could never understand why other kids resorted to fighting all of the time. Once, I spent a childhood summer in Mississippi with my cousins. When my parents finally came to bring
Marvel’s Loki presents the final idea in all human thought - a sprawling Bureaucracy
Ideas that taste like bbq to your brain... which means your brain grew a tongue

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  1. PHRASEE AI Marketing
  2. Family Vacation Resort Copy
  3. Personal Profile Article (Ardor SEO)


  1. Spinn Coffee Maker
  2. Jents Shoes

1. PHRASEE AI Marketing

Here at Phrasee, travel brands have always held a very special place in our hearts. Two of the first three brands we ever worked with, in fact, were travel brands. We’ve met some amazing people in the travel space from brands like Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Holidays, and Hilton over the years, and they’ve been some of our favorite customers.

That’s why the Phrasee squad was so sad to watch the travel industry struggle so much this past year. The awesome brands and marketers of the travel industry have shown enormous resilience and creativity as they’ve navigated the stormy seas of the COVID-19 pandemic, but there remains much work to be done.

According to BBC, the UK’s largest tour operator, TUI, has reported that bookings for the summer of 2021 are up by a “very promising” 145%. According to a survey of nearly 3,000 frequent travelers from the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), an overwhelming majority of US and Canadian travelers (99%) are eager to travel again, with 70% stating that they plan to take a holiday in 2021.

All indications, it seems, point to travel brands breaking out of the marketing holding pattern that they’ve been in, in the coming weeks and months. The rush to implement a robust marketing strategy to re-engage customers (and win new ones!), in fact, has already begun.

Sadly, there’s no magic pill that will solve all of the issues travel marketers face as 2021 takes shape. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t have a few suggestions to help you. We’ve spent some serious time thinking about what our friends in the travel industry can do right now to prepare for the post-COVID-19 rebound to come.

Here are a few of our tips:

#1: Give your audience “permission to dream”

Invite travel consumers to start planning for the better travel days ahead. While folks might not be ready to make a purchase today, they will be soon, and now is the time to prime the pump for future success. Plans may have been put on hold, but they still exist, even if only in the minds of the customers your brand would like to engage. Maybe it’s a family reunion, maybe it’s piña coladas on a tropical island, but the time to stoke your audience’s imagination and remind them what’s out there waiting for them is now!

Remaining sensitive in both visuals and language to the evolving understanding of the virus and social expectations is a fine line to walk, but as we can see in the TUI video above, striking the right balance is indeed possible.

#2: Squeeze more value from your marketing content

We’ve said it a thousand times: testing works! Start experimenting with ways to make every part of every marketing message convert better, from media to time of day to the language you use and everything in between. The competition for consumer attention will be fierce in the months ahead. The experimentation and testing you do today could translate to a big boost in marketing performance tomorrow.

Travel consumers need COVID-19 -relevant information right now as they lay their travel plans for the future. What if your marketing was where they could find it? If your brand offers answers, people will listen.

"Subject line performance quickly educated us how certain brand language could be adapted to include specific terms that were previously believed not to be a good fit.”

Philip Wright, formerly of Hilton

#3: Stay sensitive

The mental and physical health implications of the COVID-19 crisis will extend well beyond the lifetime of the crisis itself. This has been a traumatic time for everybody – your customers included. The way you talk to your audience has never been more critical. Remember: 38% of consumers have reported that marketing has the power to make them feel sad – and that was well before COVID-19 was even a blip on our collective radars. Emotions matter, now more than ever. While you’re expressing hope for the future, don’t forget to reassure consumers by focusing on your safety protocols as well.

“We have a moral responsibility to make sure that we put the emotional needs of the public at large first, in every ad, every email, and every marketing campaign we have a hand in from this day forward.”

Parry Malm, CEO, Phrasee

#4: Focus your efforts (and budget!)

Every marketer (and their boss) likes “quick wins”. We always have and we always will. In the heady days of the travel rebound, however, focusing your time, effort, and marketing budget firmly on tools and strategies that deliver immediate marketing performance improvement will be more important than ever. Save that 6-month ESP switch for later and find tools that don’t take a major IT integration to launch.

History has shown time and time again that those brands which invest in marketing during times of crisis outperform those that don’t by a wide margin. Don’t be afraid to invest in your brand’s marketing during this difficult time – just make sure you’re smart about how you do so.

Yes, better days appear to be on the horizon for the travel sector, and we’re glad they are. There are many opportunities and challenges ahead, and we firmly believe that the awesome people working in the travel space will prove equal to the task.

We at Phrasee would like to extend an open invitation to all in the travel space. Feel free to get in touch any time if you need support, ideas, case studies, or insights as the travel rebound takes flight. We’d be more than happy to help in any way we can.

2. Family Vacation Resort Copy

Some say that it’s just not the holidays without snow, but they probably haven’t spent Christmas in Belize! Leave the dark, cold winter behind and come explore with us at the Ka’ana Resort this holiday season.

Enjoy countless adventures during the day before retreating back to your luxurious villa sanctuary every night. From exploring ruins and caves to horseback riding on the beach, Ka’ana Resort has an endless array of adventures and holiday charm to make you forget all about ever dreaming of a White Christmas.

December 23rd  Family Christmas Movie Night

After an exciting day trekking through jungles, you can return to the comforts of the Wallace Lounge for evening relaxation. Drink hot chocolate in comfy slippers while watching some of your favorite Christmas movie classics. It’s fun for the whole family without the risk of anyone getting their tongue stuck on a pole.

December 24th Evening Cocktail Hour

Hosted by our General Manager, our Evening Cocktail Hour is a wonderful chance to let your hair down, mingle with other adventurers, and share some of your favorite Christmas memories. In addition to our special dinner menu and live musical entertainment, a little elf told us to expect a visit from a jolly old toymaker that lives at the North Pole.

December 25th Christmas Day

St. Nick returns to serve delicious mimosas at breakfast, then after you return from daytime experiences like discovering Mayan Ruins at Tikal or Cave Tubing or Ziplining, we’ll have more Christmas activities ready for you! Bake and decorate cookies while our chefs prepare a Christmas feast!

New Year’s Week

Every night after Christmas from December 26 - 30 we have a new fun event planned. Enjoy more family fun, such as Family Movie Night and Mayan History Night. You can also enjoy our Mayan Night Dinner where you can try traditional Mayan cuisine, featuring the freshest herbs and vegetables from our organic garden. Take an opportunity to immerse yourself in a historic culture all the way down to its flavorful essence.

December 31st New Year’s Eve Cocktail Hour

Celebrate New Year’s Eve Belize style! Our Evening Cocktail Hour features a live band with a special dinner menu created just for the occasion along with your own complimentary bottle of wine. Then, we will top it all off with a splashy aerial display of our own Ka’ana fireworks to ring in the new year.

Book your trip now and enjoy the best combination of adventure and Christmas traditions before having a one of a kind New Year's Eve. Contact our team today to make holiday memories you can cherish forever.

3. Personal Profile Article (Ardor SEO)

Podcast Profile for Kris Reid of Ardor SEO

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- Kris Reid
- Ardor SEO

It’s easy to make SEO all about the math - the metrics, the rankings, the data, and that most relentless old enemy of productivity, the clock. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in all the parts of digital sorcery and marketing magic we need to employ day after day, that we can lose sight of the importance of all the parts that cannot be measured. Our personality, experience, and intelligence act as potent fertilizer for what we hope to bring to every successful venture - the talent. With Kris Reid of Ardor SEO, it’s refreshing to see how it’s possible to embody at once, both the left and right brain parts of marketing and content.

Recently appearing on the Edge of the Web podcast, Kris quickly rose to the opportunity of diving into many of philosophies and practices that have earned him the title of the “Coolest Guy in SEO.” Embodying several traits found in many 21st century tech entrepreneurs, Kris is up at dawn, starts with yoga, and finishes his own work by 10am before even bothering with emails dealing with other people’s problems. He also remains affable and relatable when explaining exactly why Ardor SEO makes its bases in Davao, Philippines and Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

However, where Kris Reid really shines is when he and the Edge of the Web crew dive headlong into both the nuts and bolts philosophy of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There is a great deal to be learned from listening to experienced professionals converse in depth about their field.

Kris Reid knows SEO. Aaron Sparks and the Edge of the Web team know SEO. There’s an honesty to the proceedings that cuts through the confusion that often accompanies any marketing talk. It’s so potent, that it is easy to feel a tinge of embarrassment as they talked about some of their clients’ bad behavior as it's likely you’ve been guilty of it. Still, the education is most definitely worth the price of admission.

I always say, if you want to learn how to hunt, ask a hunter. Luckily, in the digital podcast age, you can essentially pull up a log to the fire and listen as the very best hunters talk about the thrill of their greatest successes and most horrendous failures. With Kris Reid, it’s how clear he is about what needs to be done and knowledgeable about how to do it. That’s a big reason why Ardor SEO has been so successful. On episode 189 of the Edge of the Web podcast we get an up close seat on the fireside log to hear about a journey from the math of marketing all the way to its intangible elements. The true goal of any successful marketer is to bring people closer to the best solution to their problem. The rest is just snake oil.


1. Product Copy

Spinn Coffee Maker

The days of your coffee just being good enough are long gone. You’ll never have to endure sub par espresso, long preparation times, or the idea that you're polluting the planet every time you want a fresh cuppa joe. Spinn gives you a fresher, more consistent cup, and greater connectivity in your coffee experience. It’s more than just a coffee maker -- Spinn is a coffee revolution.

Your Search For The Perfect Cup is Over

You can get your coffee started before you even get out of bed. Just grab your smartphone and have Spinn get to work. It does all for you; grinds fresh beans, adds filtered water, then uses a patented rotation system to pressurize the coffee, extracting the freshest flavor into the perfect beverage.

Spinn makes all of your favorites, from a slow drip americano to a full bodied espresso. You can even get the Spinn Milk Frother to craft the foamy goodness of a well formed caffe latte. Spinn knows the best grind and brew time to craft the right kind of coffee at the push of a button.

For The Modern Coffee Drinker

The modern coffee drinker wants more from their coffee experience. The coffee needs to taste amazing and the experience should be effortless. Spinn is controlled by a smartphone app, but also functions with voice command via Alexa by Amazon. Whether you want a cup or carafe you can watch it happen after a simple command.

Spinn connects to wifi networks and offers smart alerts, updates software and downloads new recipes from the Spinn coffee community on its own. Since Spinn stays in touch with your coffee brewers, it can even place orders for more coffee beans when you run low.

Elevate Your Coffee

Enjoy the best coffee available knowing all the while that the beans are ground as you need them. There are no tiny cups or extra packaging to throw away.

With Spinn, you can be your own barista with a fraction of the effort. Use the beans that you want. Create the beverages that you crave. Keep your coffee experience pure, while adding to the convenience and comfort. With limited availability, the first Spinn will ship in 2017. Act now, elevate your coffee, and join the Spinn revolution today.

2. Jents Shoes

Designer shoe descriptions based on look and company style guidelines


The enlightened know it’s the attitude that makes the clothes. A pinch of funk, a dash of trouble, and a flourish of authenticity make this the perfect shoe to show the devil may care attitude that makes you who you are.


Style is the art of being seen, but sometimes you want to keep a low profile. That doesn’t mean it’s the time to make demure footwear choices, however. You always want to stand tall and take on the world with an unassuming confidence. They just won’t see you coming unless you want them to.


You dare to walk through life with speed and charisma, and you need something with as much confidence as you. From the stroll, to the chase, to the pounce, you’re unstoppable in everything you do. You might not be in the wilds of the Serengeti but a concrete jungle is close enough.  


Molten gold is the new neutral. From pea coats to blazers, trousers to denim, there’s nothing that isn’t enhanced by a soft metallic glow. Think of this as levelling up your wardrobe and going from great to show-stopping.


Live your life surrounded by beauty and the best the world has to offer. Twinkling city lights and long nights are a perfect match for you, you go-getter. Consider your shoe game sufficiently stepped up.


Every day is an invitation to intriguing new adventures. Unparalleled class and style are the hallmark of quilted black loafers and you deserve an audience to bear witness to yours. Trends come and go, but sophistication will always remain.  


Fleet footed social butterflies like you know the importance of making new relationships on the go. Universally charming, and always dashing, you innately understand that speed is the name of the game. Here’s your calling card to make sure people remember you even when you’re gone in a flash.